The answers to all your questions. (Or at least a few)

Why Made Well Center for Wholeness?

We believe in preventative wellness. Unfortunately we live in a time of high crisis, and very little time of thinking before we act. The Made Well Center for Wholeness is a place that reminds people of how we were created with original blessing. We were MADE WELL. You’ve been equipped with every tool necessary to thrive and succeed in this life, but making the step towards living well takes effort and courage. The Made Well Center wants you to harness your God-given potential and choose LIFE every day in order to feel complete and whole.

The Made Well Center also offers what many other wellness centers can’t. Mind/Body/Spirit all in-house. We offer mental health, physical fitness through yoga and personal training, as well as support groups/community workshops and retreats to enhance spirituality.

What is the purpose of the Made Well Center?

Our mission is to help individuals cultivate healthy mind, body, and spirit connections through faith in efforts to create healthy and whole communities. Our purpose is to provide mental health counseling, workshop/retreats, and physical fitness components including yoga and personal training all in-house so clients do not have to seek these options through multiple different avenues.

What services are offered?

We work to create and foster healthy minds by offering the following:

  • Therapeutic Counseling Services
  • Faith based Yoga Classes (all levels, all styles offered)
  • Workshops throughout the year about various topics
  • Community Groups to support unity and relationship building.
  • Weekend wellness retreats to foster self-care

What credentials do you have?

Lead therapist and yoga teacher, Buffy Andrews is credentialed with all of the following:

  • MSW (Master’s of Social Work)
  • LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker)
  • RYT-200 (Registered Yoga Teacher, 200hr level)
  • CPT (Certified Personal Trainer – coming soon)

How can I get involved?

The Made Well Center for Wholeness is in need of many things to really get off the ground and running. If you or anyone you know would like to partner with the Made Well Center, email buffy@madewellcenter.org to find out more specific ways. But listed below are many of the ways in which the Made Well Center for Wholeness would love your support:

  1. Get your services here – simple as that! It helps support local business, and enhances your well-being all at the same time.
  2. Social Media Support – when we share, you share, simple as that
  3. Take a Yoga class! pay generously what you can. This helps support yoga classes for the homeless, and covers overhead costs of running the business.
  4. Collaborate with us – are you an agency or organization in town in need of some trainings? Do you have an idea for a retreat? Let us know – we’d LOVE to partner up.
  5. Sign up on our newsletter! – it’s probably the best way to stay connected and involved with the day to day happenings.
  6. Just ask – I’m sure there’s something we can put you to work on!

Where do you provide counseling services?

We currently offer mental health counseling services at EVOLUTION WELLNESS located at 5329 Oleander Dr. Suite 206, Wilmington, NC, 28403.  Evolution Wellness has office space for me located just above Tidal Creek Co-Op and right next to the Wilmington Yoga Center.

Where do you offer yoga classes?

We currently partner with local churches to utilize their space to provide pay-what-you-can yoga classes. We also partner with Terra Sol Sanctuary to offer some workshops/yoga classes here as well.

We are also available to COME TO YOU for parties, events, private yoga sessions, etc. Email buffy@madewellcenter.org to organize your event today!

How much does it cost to take a yoga class?

All of our yoga classes are pay-what-you-can. Specific yoga workshops may cost set fee.

What styles of Yoga do you offer in your classes?

We offer a variety of yoga practice styles in class ranging from Vinyasa flow, to power flow, to core express work, to Yin Deep Stretch classes, Ashtanga yoga, and Bahkti Yoga.

From what intention is your yoga practice centered?

All of our yoga classes operate from a faith-based perspective, meaning we incorporate Christian values into our yoga practices, also we often incorporating prayer and scripture reading.  Everyone is welcomed into our practice. Guys, girls, old, young, new to yoga, and experienced yogis alike.

How much does a typical counseling service session cost?

The Made Well Center accepts MOST private insurances including: BCBS, MedCost, United Health Care, Aetna, E4 employee assistance programs, and working on credentialling with Tri-Care. We also operate on slide-scale fee. Please email buffy@madewellcenter.org to know what the sliding scale fee is, and to get scheduled for your intake today!

What are the values of the Made Well Center for Wholeness?

  • We value each person as someone created whole and made well with eternal worth.
  • We value gentle, honest, prayerful approach with every individual we serve.
  • We value quality care of our staff and the individuals we serve through a biblically based environment.
  • We value the health of the individual to build the health of the community.
  • We value preventative care in efforts to prohibit crisis, rather than responding only to crisis when it occurs.

What is your statement of faith?

  • God: We believe there is one true God eternally existing in three persons – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In the beginning God created out of nothing the world and all things in it. By His sovereign powers he sustains creation and operates throughout history to fulfill His redemptive purposes.
  • Jesus Christ: Wholly God and wholly man, born by miraculous conception to the virgin Mary. He lived a sinless life, obedient to the Father’s purpose and plan, and died on the cross to cover the sins of all who choose to follow Him. He satisfied divine justice, and accomplished salvation for all who trust in Him alone. He also rose from the grave, ascended into heaven and sat down at the right hand of the Father. He is the mediator between God and man and continually intercedes for believers. He will descend back to earth again. He is our eternal hope.
  • The Holy Spirit: the third person of the trinity. Sent into the world by the Father and the Son to apply the saving work of Christ in and through us. He awakens recognition of need of a savior, equips individuals with the power of Christ, and enlightens the minds of sinners. At the point at which you receive salvation, you also permanently receive the Holy Spirit dwelling inside of you. The Holy Spirit guides believers in understanding and applying scripture, and lead a life of Christ-like character, allowing individuals to bear good fruit for the glory of the Father.
  • Salvation: the central purpose of God’s redemptive plan is to call all people into fellowship with Him, and give ultimate freedom. Man defied God, chose his own way, and suffered corruption of his nature. The fall took place, and we have all suffered consequences of these sins. Salvation of man is the work of God’s free grace (not a result of works) given when personally we repent and choose to live in the faith. God will continue this good work in our hearts until the day Jesus returns, and it’s full consummation. Salvation points to the fact that we are unable to do this on our own, and we NEED someone much greater than ourselves to be our savior. 
  • The Bible: our sole basis of belief. Made up of 66 books – the Old and the New Testament. Scripture is God-breathed, and given as an instrument to equip us for every good work and situation we encounter. Scripture is the authority of God.
  • The Church: a body of believers in Jesus Christ as Savior. The church is commanded in Acts 2:42-47 to devote themselves to worship, prayer, teaching of the Word, sharing meals, sharing everything we have, and praising God. We must use our talents and gifts to reach out to our community and ultimately the world.