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Made Well Center for Wholeness is a holistic wellness center seeking to educate, and empower our clients to overcome anything preventing them from full health. 


Burned out? Fatigued continuously? Difficulty focusing or dealing with extreme emotions? Or maybe you’ve experienced a traumatic event and you need help processing. Mental health counseling/therapy can be a great tool to help you navigate all of life’s stressors. You will learn amazing therapeutic skills, and ways to process all you’re going through.

Get Well Gatherings

Get Well Gatherings are a great opportunity to educate yourself further about a wide array of mental health + wellness topics. These gatherings are FREE for our Made Well Community, and happen monthly! We also offer quarterly fitness “bootcamps” as a means of helping you engage in WHOLE BODY healing. 

Nutrition + Gut Coaching

If you are someone who wants to enhance your healing capabilities, struggles to keep the stress weight off, or overall feels like there “could be something else going on” – then Nutrition + Gut Health coaching could be right for you! Reach out today to work with Sarah OR Carrie as your Made Well Health Coach!

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