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Burned out? Fatigued continuously? Difficulty focusing or dealing with extreme emotions? Or maybe you’ve experienced a traumatic event and you need help processing. Counseling can be a great tool to help you feel whole and return you back to being made well mentally.


Are you tired of the same old gym routine? Or maybe you don’t have a routine, and you’d like to get one? Or maybe you just like private intimate settings to enhance physical fitness. Join a group fitness class like yoga, private yoga session, or a personal training session to feel made well in Body.

Workshops & Retreats

Do you love learning? Or maybe you like getting creative? Or you just need a little weekend of self-care? Whatever your desire, a Made Well Center training, workshop, or retreat can be a great way for you to feel whole and re-centered, while connecting you back to the Spirit that sustains you.

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I really loved the Elevate training! Not only was I able to learn new material I was able to experience it and learn how to apply it to my own practice and my own life. I was able to spend my Saturday learning but also having fun in an interactive experience. I would definitely recommend this training to anyone in the field!


MSW Intern

I had never done a private yoga session before, but I had pulled a muscle in my back and couldn't do everything that happens in a yoga class so I asked Buffy if she could do a private. We had an amazing session that had me stretching my back in ways that I couldn't for 4 weeks before this. Buffy gave great assists, and taught me lots of exercises to use for the future. The Lord is truly using Buffy to bring healing to many in mind and body. I am so thankful to have had this yoga session as my back made a swift recovery after it!

Sam Marsh

Worship Leader

It was one of my first times trying yoga and Buffy was a great teacher full of insight and easy to understand. Buffy was a wonderful facilitator who made yoga fun and meaningful. It was a safe environment that was calming and at times full of laughter. The Made Well Center for Wholeness is the perfect place to refocus your mind, body, and soul.

Program Director at Camp Rockfish

Buffy gets it. She gets that life is crazy and hectic but also gets that people need space and guidance to unwind, grow and thrive. She gets that in order to be made whole, you have to care for your mind, your body and your spirit. She puts so much thought and time into planning her classes, gives personalized adjustments and variations to students, and utilizes one of her greatest spiritual gifts- creating epic playlists- who else plays Beyoncé, Hillsong and Frank Sinatra in the same class? Buffy asks students of all levels and backgrounds to jump in the deep end. Having someone that is so encouraging of trying new things is so empowering; you will be surprised at how much you can accomplish in a single yoga class. Whether I am taking a power flow class or a restorative slow flow, I always leave with my mind a little clearer, my body a little stronger and my heart a little fuller.

Recruiting Specialist at Live Oak Bank

Buffy has a great spiritual aura and a positive energy about her that emanates to others. I've witnessed her make astounding differences in peoples lives — including my own. She is knowledgable, seasoned, creative, and diligent. She is willing to go out of her way for anyone as her main focus is what's best for the other person. Her ability to process through and work accordingly with therapy clients is impeccable. She is devoted to her clients and strives to see growth in everyone and everything she encounters.

Mental Health Intern

Taking a few yoga classes with Buffy through the Made Well Center has shown me the power of listening to your body and how slowly working it out and simply stretching can make a world of difference in your breathing and stress levels. I personally struggle with anxiety and Buffy's faith based yoga is peaceful, inspiring and has helped me learn to breathe through things and to take my time. Yoga is an art that I have seen Buffy pour her heart and time into mastering, planing and equipping others not to just stretch but to listen to what's going on inside of us at the core. The classes Buffy offers at Made Well are nurturing and uplifting for any one that wants to try.

Student and Retail Specialist

Made Well Center for Wholeness


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