I’m doing a 21 day FAST. If you’ve never heard of a fast before, you may be wondering what this is all about. Fasting from a faith based perspective is a way to help you tune out the world and tune more into what God has in store for you. From a practical perspective a fast is a way to “deprive” yourself of something that may previously have been considered a crutch, and allow yourself permission to sacrifice it for a set amount of time to better create space for other things that are healthy for you.

Now I am currently pregnant, so I will not be fasting foods or liquids of any sort because this baby needs its nutrition. But typical fasting is anything from giving up of something like alcohol, coffee, maybe food, again for a set amount of time. Some individuals will even do “water fasting” where they only drink water during that set window. Ya girl can’t do that. So for the next 21 days, I will be fasting social media, in a way. Now- I run my business primarily off of social media connections, and engagement so completely dropping it might not be the best for business. However, I will be only allowing myself to engage in my socials from my computer, deleting those apps off my phone, and being more intentional with what times of day I choose to get on there (limiting to 1 hr max every other day).

My goal here is simple: I want to prevent the scroll that inevitably ends up leaving me wanting, and feeling dissatisfied with where I’m at in life. The muscle memory that has taken over my body in relation to hopping on a social media app is honestly quite terrifying. So the goal of my fast is to regain control over my autonomy, and spend more time connecting with my maker.

I hope that in these next 21 days, I will be more productive with my work flow, and increase quality of life simply by actively engaging in it! Something I find fascinating about the 21 day option is that it actually takes a MINIMUM of 21 days for your brain and body to begin to form new habits. Which is kind of wild if you think about it. A MINIMUM of 21 days to begin to override some of the toxic ways of living that we’ve previously engaged in.

So, what would you give up for 21 days, if it meant regaining clarity and control, and freedom in your life? It could be anything from giving up sugar, to soda, to coffee or alcohol, or maybe YouTube. Whatever you feel is holding you back from connecting more deeply and more intimately with yourself and God.

If you’d like to share or join in on this journey with us – feel free to comment below. We’d love to hear!