As a therapist in Wilmington, NC, I’ve been introduced to many therapists who express themselves as a “holistic therapist.” I myself express in this way, but I’m sure many of you are wondering, “what even is a holistic therapist?”

I believe holistic therapy encompasses a multi-faceted approach to healing and wholeness. Holistic when referenced from means: the idea that the whole is more than the sum of its parts, and we develop comprehension of the parts by reference to the whole. That’s what we are, isn’t it? We are more than the sum of our parts. We are brains, we are bodies, we are hearts, and minds, and lifestyles. Our whole includes our smarts, and our visions, our ideas. Fullness of self includes our bodily functions, and our bodily dysfunctions. Internal and external factors impact us as well. We are our environment, we are the products of our families, we are SO MANY THINGS.

So when we think of therapy, we can’t receive therapy from a one-tracked mind. We can’t get well and feel WHOLE if we attack it from one direction. Why can’t you heal from one direction specifically? Because it’s allll the directions impacting us at once. Our mind, body, and spirit are interconnected and directly impact one another.

5 benefits of having a holistic therapist:
  1. A holistic therapist knows how to ask and develop understanding about all these parts to yourself.
  2. Holistic therapists have a large repertoire of coping skills and practical tools to help you in multiple facets of your life.
  3. This type of therapist encourages unification of all parts of an individual. This helps that person feel empowered to move through healing on their own after treatment.
  4. A therapist operating from this perspective listens with more open ears and open mind in efforts to hear EVERYTHING a person is saying (or not saying)
  5. Holistic therapy seeks to help you thrive in ALL areas of your life, not just one (which will ultimately help you heal more fully).

With all the various situations, people, & environments impacting you (us), it’s important to feel hear and understood on all levels with your therapist. That’s why every individual who walks into my office is seen from this well-rounded perspective.

I might pull from a variety of modalities to help aid your healing more fully. As a holistic therapist I may pull from things such as cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma-informed therapy, yoga, & meditation. I may also provide health & wellness education, mindfulness, body-work, and other various forms of treatment models. Holistic therapy means serving YOU in the best way possible, keeping you moving FORWARD.

Healing is based on connection. Healing is based on holistic views, & healing is helping you identify what works best for you at any given moment. One size does not fit all, and having a holistic therapist is the best way to create the right fit for you in the therapeutic relationship/environment.

If you, or someone you know is interested in working together, have questions, or need more resources, please be sure to reach out via the contact page to get started today.