With a chaotic start to 2021 it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with everything going on. Maybe you still haven’t processed 2020 and now you are jumping head first into 2021. It’s easy to put self-care back at the bottom of your resolution list underneath “watch Bridgerton” but here’s five simple ways to kick it back to the top and be ready to take 2021 by the horns by simply taking time out for your number one fan: YOU.

  1. Get Outside!

“Into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.” John Muir knew what he was talking about. Just spending five minutes outside is one of the best grounding techniques! Whether you stepped outside to take your trash out, get the mail, or maybe you’re waiting in line to get into Trader Joes, take a minute to close your eyes, feel the crisp air, breath in super deep, and try and pick out at least one sound of nature.

  1. Just Breathe…

Like really breathe. I mean inhale through your nose and fill your upper lungs and then your lower lungs, hold for four seconds, and exhale it all out. Do that a few times. Breathing like this activates your body’s parasympathetic response- which is a fancy way of saying your body has NO choice but to calm down! It slows your heart rate, increases oxygen consumption, lowers your blood pressure, and is a good daily practice.

  1. Girl, wash your face.

Not only is that a fabulous book, it’s also good advice. In our new normal of wearing masks every day, the mascne is REAL! By washing your face at night you’ll help prevent breakouts, get rid of all the grime that’s built up over the day, help your moisturizer absorb better, and prevent wrinkles. A solid skin routine is a great way to take care of yourself and to help keep your confidence in check.

  1. Bottoms up!

How sick are you of being told to drink more water? Well, sorry not sorry. Go on Amazon, get a cute water bottle (with the times labeled on it), and drink up. Trust me, it will help! We all want to drink more water, it’s the actual doing so that is tough. Drinking more water will give you more energy, improve your mood, help with tummy issues, and is even a natural treatment for headaches. Give it a google, it does SO much more!

  1. Put your phone down! (after you finish reading this)

Too much screen time can cause eye strain, neck and back problems, sleeping issues, and it is even linked to depression and anxiety. A helpful reminder to set your phone down is to put an alarm on your phone at night for when you want to give your eyes and mind a break before bed (proven to help improve sleep!). Check your phone settings because some phones even calculate your screen time for you which (I can tell you from experience) can be quite alarming.

The best thing we can do is to give ourselves some grace sometimes. Maybe you cannot commit to doing all five of these things. That’s okay! But maybe you have had a lot of headaches lately and have been thinking you need more water. This is your sign to give it a try! In a world that feels out of control, it can be so helpful to take advantage of the things we do have control over. Like breathing, drinking water, and practicing mindfulness. So after you finish your next episode of Bridgerton, go take the trash out and notice the sound the trees in your front yard make when the winds are blowing. You won’t regret it!