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Food is Medicine

Food is medicine - It's so logical and so simple, and yet it's only now that we are coming back around to this way of thinking. Since the dawn of time, we've been given good resources to keep us healthy and strong. These resources? Our FOOD! We've always had foods,...

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Perks of Online Therapy

Online Therapy - why do it? 1. It's convenient. Online therapy is super convenient for all involved. It allows you to receive counseling during your lunch break at work from your office. Or if rushing home from work for a therapy session is an issue, stay at your...

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New Year, Same you, But Different.

I guess the middle of January is as good a time as any to lay the foundations for the start of the new year. I honestly felt a lot of pressure to "push out" a new year's blogpost or an event, or anything like that, but then I had to stop myself. I had to stop myself...

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Your Online Holiday Gift Guide

With the Holidays *JUST* around the corner, I know many of you may be struggling to find that special something for all the special people in your lives. Going to the store can be overwhelming, and fighting the lines/traffic can be down right anxiety-producing. So why...

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This past Sunday, we were lead in worship to the song "Seasons" by Hillsong. By the end, I was left in tears. It was one of those songs that speaks directly to the heart, no matter the particular season you're in. It cut me to the bone. There were a couple of lines in...

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The Made Well Center for Wholeness in Wilmington, NC helps bridge the gaps between health and despair. This is a wellness center that gives back. By coming to receive counseling/treatment here, you support the healing process for someone who may not normally be able to afford such luxuries.

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