Nov 14 2020


9:00 am - 2:00 pm





Find Your Flow

FIND YOUR FLOW: A woman’s guide to understanding her cycle, reducing judgement of self, and living daily in freedom.

This workshop is designed to help women understand their monthly cycles. Education to help you understand all the ins and outs of each phase of your cycle to include:
  • – Foods that fit your flow
  • – Fitness that functions with your flow
  • – Freedom from judgemental thoughts and feelings because of a deeper understanding of your Infradian Rhythm as a woman.
This workshop is based around the work of Alisa Vitti who wrote the book “In the Flo.”
We will provide you with recipes that practically allow you to understand how to eat for each phase of your cycle. We will cook together. We will provide you with demos of types of exercises that will most benefit your body to create the results you’re wanting. We will move together, learn together, and eat together.
You’ll Walk Away With:
  •  5 days worth of Recipes
  •  Grocery List
  •  PDF’s of specific exercises for each phase
  •  A Printable Guide for understanding hormonal balance/imbalance during your cycle phases
This class can be virtually or in person. Please take note of which option you are signing up for. This class is the In-person option. 

The event is finished.

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