Body- Exercise Classes

Learn more about our different types of classes.

Yoga Classes

We offer a variety of styles of yoga classes. Including:

  • Vinyasa flow (combining breath and body movement)
  • Yin + Meditation (deep stretch holding each posture for about 3-5 minutes)
  • Core Yoga (utilizing yoga postures to engage the core and build strength)
  • Power Yoga (faster paced, more fluid, creates heat, and builds strength/endurance)

Group Fitness

Group fitness classes incorporate strength training, mobility enhancement, and endurance training. These classes are highly active and sure to engage every muscle of the body.

Personal Training & Private Yoga

Personal training and Private Yoga is a great way to meet those personal fitness goals. One-on-one environments can be great to offer assistance with techniques, accountability with your fitness goals, and a low pressure environment to feel secure and encouraged to meet your goals. These personalized sessions show some of the fastest most exponential growth because it is designed to fit YOU! Contact us today! 

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