Food is medicine – It’s so logical and so simple, and yet it’s only now that we are coming back around to this way of thinking. Since the dawn of time, we’ve been given good resources to keep us healthy and strong. These resources? Our FOOD!

We’ve always had foods, think gardens, think nature, think animals to eat, etc. We were given these things from the start, however, over time marketing industries have made making a dollar more important than keep us happy and healthy. Doctors are finally coming back around to acknowledge their duty to maintain the hippocratic oath, and actually keep patients healthy.

I was recently reading an article from the Blue Zones about how nutrition has now become a national policy issue to be aware of.  Fruits and Veggies actually hold most of the powerful tools to deal with the oxidative stress that attacks our bodies daily.

What is oxidative stress?

Oxidative stress occurs when there is an imbalance of free radical activity in our bodies along with our anxtioxidant activity in our bodies. There are many symptoms of oxidative stress which can include: headaches, noise sensitivity, memory loss, brain fog, inflammation, joint pain, vision issues and problems with our immune systems. That’s a lot of issues that are affecting most of us, am I right?

What are free radicals?

Free radicals are highly associated with human disease. They have a huge link in aging as well. Substances containing these free radicals are in everything from our foods, to environmental influences, to our water we drink. They are EVERYWHERE, and they are wreaking havoc. Oxidative stress occurrs when there are too many free radicals and they are causing too much harm to the cells of our bodies.

So, how do we fight this oxidative stress?

One of the best ways to do this is to increase levels of anxitoxidants in the body and reduce the formation of free radicals within the body. One of the best ways to do this is through eating our high amounts of fruits and veggies. That’s right, ya’ll, food is medicine. It’s real. If you need the easy button on your nutrition, click here, and get that easy button today!

Other ways to reduce oxidative stress:

  • A regular, moderate exercise routine (check out our classes here)
  • Decrease alcohol consumption
  • Increase good sleep hygiene
  • Be cautious with chemicals you use. Shop Safe skin care, use Safe cleaning products, etc.

All the things mentioned above, again, are nothing new. These are tools that have been given to use since the dawn of time, but in our pursuits of the “Easy button” we have encountered more choices, more options, and more decisions which make it difficult to know what is actually good for us.

So let’s take back control of our health, and our wellness. Let’s make it simple again. So what’s the breakdown?

1) We are under exposure to free radicals with every second of every day.

2) Take back control, utilizing simple tools.

3) Be conscious, be aware, make healthier choices one at a time. (Start with food)

4) Eat well. Eat organic. Eat the rainbow of fruits and veggies.

5) Move naturally. Move routinely. Move.

If you are interested in getting a jump start on your health and need help with motivation, need help with keeping on track with your goals? Be sure to reach out to someone here at the Made Well Center today to get set up with online health coaching!