Most people see “Nutritional Therapy Practitioner” and have NO idea what that means or what an NTP does. And that’s FAIR. It’s a bit of a mouthful, no pun intended. NTP’s take a root cause approach to health and wellness, which means they work to address the base level reason as to why you may be experiencing the symptoms you are experiencing. 

As an NTP, Sarah Banks believes that your body holds the innate knowledge and ability to heal itself through the approach of nutrition and wellness protocols. Having experienced a number of health issues of her own, and not being able to rely on doctors to help her figure out what was going on, she turned to herself and decided to dig in where she found it mattered most – nutrition.

Sarah uses the 6 Foundations of Nutritional Therapy to address client concerns:

  1. A Nutrient Dense Diet
  2. Blood Sugar Regulation
  3. Mineral Balance
  4. Fatty Acid Balance
  5. Digestion
  6. Hydration

These 6 Foundations are analyzed through the Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire and Food and Mood Journal. Next, she looks at client lifestyle choices that include stress management, sleep hygiene, and movement.

Taking all of these things into consideration, Sarah is able to develop a bio-individual protocol tailored to a client’s specific needs. Bio-individual simply means that no one protocol will look exactly like another. Every client is looked at individually.

Who needs Nutritional Therapy?

Individuals experiencing digestive issues.
Individuals desiring to get healthier overall.
People with food sensitivities.
People who need help meal planning.
Individuals who want to understand food better.
Late Teens & Adults with health concerns that could look like:

Brain fog

Adults who want to heal in a holistic way.

Results You May Experience:

Increased Energy
Less Brain Fog
Enhanced Motivation
Better Sleep
Reduced Stress Levels
More Balanced Blood Sugar Levels
Enhanced Metabolic Functioning
Improved Mental Clarity
Healthy Weight Loss
Reduction in Allergic Reactions/Symptoms
Improved Hydration


Meet Our Nutritional Therapy Practitioner:

Sarah Banks


Ashley Hudson at Made Well Center for Wholeness

Sarah is a Florida native, but grew up in the Raleigh, NC area. She moved to Wilmington in 2013 to attend UNCW, and has called Wilmington home ever since. Sarah is now a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner with a desire to help her clients stay WELL and feel WHOLE! 

In the beginning of 2022, she experienced her own slew of health issues that came out of seemingly nowhere and with little medical explanation. Severe anxiety, depression, brain fog, aversion to all food, hair loss, weight loss, chronic stress, and chronic fatigue became her normal. After struggling for months, going to doctors with no answers, she felt confused, but determined to get well. She started researching for herself and implementing holistic and root cause health practices to improve her body, mind and spirit. And over time, she did! This period of being unwell and healing is exactly what led Sarah to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. 

Now, Sarah uses what she has learned personally and in her training to deliver the best methods for improving the symptoms so many are struggling with today. Sarah sets out to work with young adults and adults who are ready to feel a breakthrough in their body, mind and spirit, and create better lifestyle rhythms.

She is passionate about her work and care for others, and wants nothing more than to bring the hope of healing, coming alongside her clients to elevate their life and help them feel WHOLE and stay WELL. If you’re ready to take control of your health and start thriving, message Sarah today!

Email to get started today!

Getting Started

Step 1: E-mail for a 15-minute consult to determine whether or not nutritional therapy is a good fit for you. 

Step 2: Get scheduled for your intake appointment.

Step 3: We will add you to our client portal, then you will receive a client intake packet to complete prior to your first appointment.

Step 4: Attend your first session and be on your way to feeling well and living whole!

Questions about Gut Health Testing or scheduling an appointment for gut health coaching? Email or Carrie directly at to get started today!

Additional Services

Mental Health Counseling

Mental health counseling is for individuals looking to heal beyond the body and begin processing through their depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship wounds, etc. 

Mental Health counseling is a great way to release emotional “stuckness” and learn appropiate coping skills to engage fully with the world around you in healthy and WHOLE ways. 

We have multiple clinicians on staff that might be a great fit for you in your healing journey. Reach out today, and we will get you connected with the clinician that seems to be the best fit based on your need. 

Get Well Gatherings (Workshops)

Outpatient counseling is a great place to receive safe support and guidance from a well trained practitioner, but it’s just the beginning. Our Get Well Gatherings occur MONTHLY, and allow you an amazing opportunity to learn and grow outside the counseling office. These are FREE 1-hour workshops designed around a plethora of health + wellness themes. Come, learn, grow, and maybe even walk away with a sweet door prize!

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