East Coast

Most of us living on the eastern coast of the USA are no strangers to hurricanes. Hurricanes have ruined a birthday party or two in my day. (Having a birthday during hurricane season is no fun). I’ve experienced category 1-5, and feel safe to say I have made my way around a hurricane preparedness kit or two.

Be Prepared:

1- All hurricanes are different. Some category 5’s leave less damage in certain areas than category 1’s might do. It is all dependent on time, speed, warmth of water, previous weather in the area, etc. Always remember to prepare for the worst, but hope for the best.

2- The NOAA is a great resources for all things Hurricane. It provides real time updates, live reports, fast tracking, and any other reports and statistics you may need to know. VISIT HERE. Stay informed.

3- What goes into a hurricane preparedness kit?
– GAMES (it’s always good to have something fun to do)
– Batteries for lights, generators, etc.
– Candles (and lots of them)
– An evacuation plan if needed
– Non perishable food items (and pro tip: eat all your perishables in the refrigerator days leading up to storm)
– Some sort of grill/camping burners, stoves, etc (so you can boil water, and cook pastas, etc.)
– Fill your tub with water to use for flushing toilets if needed
– If you need to protect important documents, place them in a ziploc bag, and then shut into dishwasher in case of flooding
– chargers, extension chords, maps, etc.
– Build a fort, lots of blankets, lots of pillows
– Water shoes, rain jackets
– First aid kits
– Get cash out of ATM & gas up before power goes out

4- There is more to protect than just your belongings. Storms always provide the opportunity for individuals to recognize what is really at stake. Protecting our families, our children, our homes, and our mental stability is of utmost importance.

5- Be kind. People need people. This is an extreme time of vulnerability, breaking out of comfort zones, and being more dependent on others than we’d otherwise like to admit. Lean into the helping hand of your neighbors, friends, and families. And be that helping hand as well.

What to do now?

Of utmost importance is simply being there for fellow neighbor and friend, but ultimately being there for yourself. Be smart, stay informed, make wise choices, and be confident in the choices made. If you are interested in joining in the mission of the Made Well Center to always be a helping hand to our neighbors and friends, and you’d like to purchase a t-shirt that show cases the support of others feel free to email info@madewellcenter.org.

These shirts are shown here at the bottom of this post. Please note the black shirts are more of a shorter 3/4 sleeve v-neck for women. The gray shirts are standard t-shirt shape. All shirts are $35 and 10% of sales will go towards supporting Hurricane Dorian Relief efforts.

If you are in need or more local information please feel free to utilize the following as resources to help you stay prepared:


Stay safe out there everyone, and as always if you are in need of anything – please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Be Well,
The Made Well Center for Wholeness Team