My friend, Marissa, is working hard to open her very own coffee roastery (Casablanca Coffee Roastery) here in Wilmington, NC. She is doing the hard work, and she also came up with this genius phrase. I’ve been thinking about this phrase over and over again, “I look forward to coffee with you.”

It’s a short phrase, but it means so much. It means, “hey, I look forward to our time together.” or “my time with you is good like a cup of coffee.” or “hey, I value you enough to check in on you over a cup of joe.” Or it could mean so many other things that relate to your specific situation. The most important thing to me, was that it made me think about counseling sessions. It made me think how many of you out there believe counseling is this far off, stuffy, prim & proper type of setting, and how very badly I want to break this stigma.

Counseling is not something that should ever feel uncomfortable. It should feel like getting coffee with someone who cares. It should feel like finding sanctuary amongst your hectic week, or solace in the storm. Counseling should feel like coffee, with some valuable information thrown in the mix. Counseling should feel like warmth, and comfort. It should never feel like “I’m better than you” or “make this quick.”

For all of you out there who may not really know what counseling looks like, if you’re interested in giving it a try, won’t you join me for a cup of coffee? We can kick off our shoes, settle in, and work through your hesitations together. It’s especially nice, now that there is such a thing out there as ONLINE THERAPY.┬áIt’s nice, because it allows you to quite literally sit in your jammies, or on your own couch, or brew your own coffee in specially made fashion.

Online or in the office, either way, I look forward to coffee with you.

Be Well,


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