Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is a great way to integrate some of the body work needed to fully release that built up tension, stored trauma, or emotional distress you’ve been holding onto for too long. Getting a massage at the Made Well Center is a great addition to the therapeutic work you might already be doing, as well as a great opportunity to engage in some of that self-care your therapist might be trying to get you to engage in. Be sure to read below about the types of massage therapy offered, as well as to read about our Massage Therapist.

Meet Our Massage Therapist:

Venus Schrader, LMBT

Ashley Hudson at Made Well Center for Wholeness

Venus is a mid-west girl born with an east-coast heart. Venus is a firm believer that life is amazing, and she ultimately lives to enjoy each day to the fullest with her family and friends.

Venus joined the health and wellness industry after relocating to Wilmington. She obtained her Massage Therapy Degree in 2012, and feels honored to offer the gift of healing touch to her clients.

Types of Massage Treatments offered by Venus:
30 min Massage – $40
60 min Massage – $70
90 min Massage – $100
30 min Head Neck and Shoulder Massage – $40
30 min Foot Massage – $40
60 min Prenatal Massage – $75
30 min Aroma Therapy Massage – $50
60 min Aroma Therapy Massage – $80
90 min Aroma Therapy Massage – $110
30 min Reflexology Foot Massage – $45


Venus’s schedule:

Wednesday 9am-6pm

Friday 9am-6pm

Every Second Saturday: 10am-2pm


Purchase a Package Today!

  • Take a Breather: $140 for (4) 30 minute massages (4th massage = 1/2 off!)
  • Chillax: $245 for (4) 60 minute massages (4th massage = 1/2 off)
  • Take some ME Time: $350 for (4) 90 minute massages (4th massage = 1/2 off)

email to purchase your package and get your profile set up today!

Getting Started

Step 1: E-mail with the type of massage you’d like to schedule for. 

Step 2: Confirm client demographic information, and then get scheduled.

Step 3: We will add you to our client portal, then you will receive a client intake packet to complete prior to your first appointment.

Step 4: Attend your first session and be on your way to feeling well and living whole!

Questions about Massage Therapy or scheduling an appointment? Email to get started today!

Schedule a Free Consultation

We offer FREE 15-minute phone consultations to determine what type of massage is right for you.  Fill out the form below or call us today at 910-240-4473 or email


We do not accept insurances for online sessions, however we do offer VERY AFFORDABLE sliding scale fees for individuals dependent upon annual income brackets.

$0-$45,000 > $75/hour
$45,000-$70,000 > $90/hour
$70,000-$100,000 > $110/hour
$100,000-$300,000 + > $125/hour



Additional Services

Health Coaching

Health coaching is for individuals without a severe mental health diagnosis looking to gain insight and awareness into their own healthy habits/behaviors, while achieving goals to help them feel better day-to-day. Online health coaching sessions are available to both North Carolina and non-NC residents. 

Health coaching can help you reach health goals including: healthy eating, weight loss, habitual behavior changes, etc. We use HIPAA compliant software and can get you therapy session done from anywhere in the world.

In-Office Therapy

Outpatient counseling is a great place to receive safe support and guidance from a licensed clinician to help you identify and make steps towards changing various thoughts, feelings, or behaviors you want changed. We offer professional customer service with the ability to build comfortable relationships with our clientele.


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