The importance of your morning routine cannot be understated. How you begin your day often plays a role in how the remainder of it goes. As our society consistently increases the speed at which we live, we can often end each day feeling restless, anxious, or out of control. The need for a morning routine that promotes mindfulness has never been greater and is coupled with so many life enriching benefits. The goal is to rewire your immediate waking response from reaching for the phone, to reaching your inner self. 

   Activities that can promote morning mindfulness include, but are not limited to, journaling, meditation, exercise, reading, listening to music, stretching, practicing good hygiene, standing outside and experiencing that first morning sunlight, a breathing practice, and preparing a breakfast that you enjoy. Also, being very intentional about making your mundane tasks mindful can create a solid foundation of self-awareness for the day to come. We must be aware that whether you wake up at 5 AM, 8 AM, or later, the goal and opportunity remains the same: Intentionality, deep awareness, and slowing yourself down. 

So how do we do it?

1- Cultivate consistency with the time you wake up every day, and the time you fall asleep at night.

2- Try putting your phone AWAY from your nightstand so that in the morning you are forced to do other things rather than grab for your phone.

3- Set yourself up for success the night before by laying out any particular clothing you might need, or de-stressing your morning by packing for the day the night before etc.

4- Try finding a spot in your house that is AWAY from any stressors, and simply be in that space for about 15 minutes.

   These small changes create huge positive impacts for not just yourself, but the world around you. Start small and set realistic goals or expectations that you know you can implement immediately. You will start to notice the difference just as fast. In a world that tries to force production out of you, we challenge you to start the day by producing for yourself. The old faithful phrase,“you can’t pour from an empty cup” , remains the truth. So whether it be your coffee mug, your oversized water bottle, or your heart, mind, and spirit, start your day in a mindful way.