Nutrition + Gut Healing

We are always talking with our clients about the importance of healing the gut + brain axis. Our stomach lining houses 90% of our seratonin receptors (aka our happy chemicals) so if this gut lining is not in a healthy place, it will make it extremely difficult to heal the mind. 

Our newest practitioner, Carrie Sink (CHHC + AADP) is passionate about helping people heal their chronic gut pains through nutrition, awareness, and the right vitamin + supplement protocols. Carrie specializes in working with individuals who suffer from constant bloating, IBS issues, chronic gut pain, constipation, or anyone struggling with low energy, terrible sleep, or struggling with unhealthy eating patterns. 

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Meet Our Board Certified Holistic Health Coach:

Carrie Sink, CHHC, AADP

Ashley Hudson at Made Well Center for Wholeness

Carrie was raised on the plains of Kansas.  After being sick for so many years, she overcame her chronic health issues by addressing nutrition, lifestyle choices and more!  She then went back to school to study holistic health, nutrition & wellness.

Carrie is a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach & Wellness Practitioner. She has been in private practice for 6+ years, teaching people how to nourish their bodies using real food and upgrade their health through diet and lifestyle changes. Her special focus in her practice is gut health. Carrie is passionate about root cause healing and helping individuals find true freedom and relief from unpleasant digestive symptoms, food overwhelm and more!

Carrie believes there is always hope for healing and truly enjoys the privilege of walking alongside people on their health journey! Let her work with you to identfy the root cause of some of your issues. Let her be the sounding board to be heard regarding some of these symptoms that seem to overwhelm or frustrate you when no other doctors seem to listen. 

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Questions about Nutrition + Gut health/healing or scheduling an appointment? Email or Carrie directly at to get started today!

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Additional Services

Health Coaching

Health coaching is for individuals without a severe mental health diagnosis looking to gain insight and awareness into their own healthy habits/behaviors, while achieving goals to help them feel better day-to-day. Online health coaching sessions are available to both North Carolina and non-NC residents. 

Health coaching can help you reach health goals including: healthy eating, weight loss, habitual behavior changes, etc. We use HIPAA compliant software and can get you therapy session done from anywhere in the world.

In-Office Therapy

Outpatient counseling is a great place to receive safe support and guidance from a licensed clinician to help you identify and make steps towards changing various thoughts, feelings, or behaviors you want changed. We offer professional customer service with the ability to build comfortable relationships with our clientele.


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