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With all the hustle and bustle that happens these days, it can be really difficult to find the time to drive to therapy, check in, have your session, and then drive all the way home during rush hour traffic. Online therapy can be a great tool for anyone struggling to find the time for therapy, anyone suffering extreme anxious distress related to socialization, individuals struggling to find childcare, or for anyone who just wants the comfort of counseling in their jammies.

Meet Our Designated Online Therapist:

Ashley Hudson, LCSW

Ashley Hudson at Made Well Center for Wholeness

Ashley Hudson is a NC native and a lover of dark chocolate, wine, the beach, and exercising. After growing up in Greenville, NC she pursued an undergraduate degree from Baylor in Texas and eventually went on to receive her Masters in Social Work from the University of Denver in Colorado where she studied clinical work in trauma and family systems. Ashley now lives in Colorado with her two children and her husband.


She is currently licensed in CO, NC and TX, and has 9 years of experience walking alongside individuals struggling with a variety of mental health challenges. She believes beauty, strength and resiliency are often birthed through some of the more challenging seasons of life. Though Ashley enjoys working with all populations, she currently works with adults only and specializes in perinatal health and Christian counseling. At this point in time, Ashley’s services are virtual/telehealth only.


Ashley’s schedule:

Wednesday-Friday 11-7pm EST

Ashley’s Self-Pay Rates

Getting Started

Step 1: E-mail with your primary concerns so we can let you know which therapist would be the best fit.

Step 2: Confirm payment preferences, and calendars with therapist that fits the best.

Step 3: We will add you to our client portal, then you will receive a client intake packet to complete prior to your first appointment.

Step 4: Attend your first session (via telehealth), and be on your way to feeling well and living whole!

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We do not accept insurances for online sessions, however we do offer VERY AFFORDABLE sliding scale fees for individuals dependent upon annual income brackets.

$0-$45,000 > $75/hour
$45,000-$70,000 > $90/hour
$70,000-$100,000 > $110/hour
$100,000-$300,000 + > $125/hour



Additional Services

Health Coaching

Health coaching is for individuals without a severe mental health diagnosis looking to gain insight and awareness into their own healthy habits/behaviors, while achieving goals to help them feel better day-to-day. Online health coaching sessions are available to both North Carolina and non-NC residents. 

Health coaching can help you reach health goals including: healthy eating, weight loss, habitual behavior changes, etc. We use HIPAA compliant software and can get you therapy session done from anywhere in the world.

In-Office Therapy

Outpatient counseling is a great place to receive safe support and guidance from a licensed clinician to help you identify and make steps towards changing various thoughts, feelings, or behaviors you want changed. We offer professional customer service with the ability to build comfortable relationships with our clientele.


Boundaries for the Holidays

Boundaries for the Holidays

Boundaries for the Holidays can feel scary, but also be beneficial and help you and your loved ones develop a deeper sense of peace and love this year!

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