Online Therapy – why do it?

1. It’s convenient.

Online therapy is super convenient for all involved. It allows you to receive counseling during your lunch break at work from your office. Or if rushing home from work for a therapy session is an issue, stay at your office, get your session in and then go home. Or maybe you’re the person who just can’t get out of bed? – stay in bed. Leave your jammies on, and get ready for some good quality therapy right from the comforts of home. Are you the person that is travelling all the time for work? Make online therapy your convenient source for living well and being well.

2. It’s much more affordable.

Receiving online therapy at least through the Made Well Center¬†offers a much more affordable rate for you rather than regular in office minimums of $75 on a sliding scale. The sliding scale online offers more affordability because there is simply less involved. Renting a space isn’t an issue, travel time from home to office doesn’t cut in on costs, and it can happen ANYWHERE! Take a look at the Made Well Center’s sliding scale options today by clicking the link above. Feel free to get yourself signed up through the portal as well.

3. It’s sometimes easier to talk about difficult things.

Some individuals still fear the response from a therapist when coming into the office. Having sessions online can create a bit of a “distanced” feeling so that it’s not so difficult to divulge. On the flip side of this, it can also make it easier to communicate because we are able to give adequate response time in effort to really hear one another. Screen sharing, and HIPPA secure email systems make it easy to share worksheets, homework, resources like videos, and allows the client to really “take something home” with them.

4. Online sessions are easier to schedule.

As mentioned before, there are simply some things that tend to get in the way of us seeking the help we need when it comes to our mental health. We have corporations and businesses that don’t understand that taking sick time is important for self-care and create shame for us in doing so. So scheduling online therapy sessions makes it easier for you to not have to miss work, not be late picking your kids up from daycare, or to schedule in between nap times for the little ones. Online scheduling makes all the to and fro a little less stressful.

If you’re considering, or have considered signing up for online therapy. Now’s your chance. Head on over to again to peruse the sliding scale fee. Online mental health therapy is available to anyone in the entire state of NC.

But then there’s this:


Maybe you’re not quite on the “mental health spectrum” i.e. – you don’t have or require a specific mental health diagnosis. Maybe you just need some guidance on how to make behavior change for healthy choices. Maybe you just want someone to hold you accountable for health decisions, and making sustainable life change for the better? Then online health coaching might be more your speed. Same deal as before, sliding scale payment options, and super easy set up. Bonus though – online health coaching is available for anyone across the US of A. That’s right! Accessing better holistic care has never been easier.

Get signed up today!

Be Well,