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The following are general wellness links for physical health and well-being. These are not meant to diagnosis or replace medical advice and care. These are simply meant as a compliment, again not a replacement for proper medical care and advice. Please see your doctor for serious issues.

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Heart health, healing more than the body…

February is the month of love... Love for yourself, love for your neighbor, love for your partner, you name it, we're lovin' it this month! February is also American Heart month. So we've decided to help you get healthy physically in body, but also in spirit with our...

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Food is Medicine

Food is medicine - It's so logical and so simple, and yet it's only now that we are coming back around to this way of thinking. Since the dawn of time, we've been given good resources to keep us healthy and strong. These resources? Our FOOD! We've always had foods,...

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Made Well Center for Wholeness

The Made Well Center for Wholeness in Wilmington, NC helps bridge the gaps between health and despair. This is a wellness center that gives back. By coming to receive counseling/treatment here, you support the healing process for someone who may not normally be able to afford such luxuries.

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