No more Resolutions…

It’s that time of year again. The time when we reflect on all the year has brought us. The time we start judging ourselves for maybe not accomplishing certain goals and stating “this is going to be the year!” New Year’s Eve, and New Years always hold a special place in my heart. Not for all the goals and the reflections, but for the like-mindedness, and joint unity in declaring better.

Now I’m not usually one for big resolutions, however the more I thought about it – the more I thought to myself, hmm… maybe I just need to *refine* what those resolutions are. When we look at the definition of the word resolution it means: the mental state or quality of having firmness of purpose, a decision or determination, or the act of determining upon an action/course of action.

I think I like these definitions. Primarily because it expands my horizons. It expands my view, and makes everything not seem so finite – more instead, it seems more like process or intentionality rather than simply losing 10 lbs. Whenever I’ve thought of new years resolutions, the goals have always been so small:

  • “This year I’ll be more fit”
  • “This year I’m going to eat better”
  • “I think I will try to be more kind to my coworkers”
  • “I’m going to travel more”

etc, etc. – the list goes on. But THIS YEAR – when I think of resolutions I’m thinking of them in a more mindful manner. Firmness of purpose yes, could mean that you’re going to be more fit. I think instead of limiting it to fitness though, I am going to think of it in the sense that not matter what I’m doing, I will have firmness of purpose in it. No matter what next step I’m taking, it will be with intentionality, with firm decision, and navigating without fear of the future.

Yes, this year it’s more mindful. This year it’s about being conscious of choices, making firmer decisions, being satisfied with being, and living within the process of it all.

Simply be.

It seems to me there are too many goals, getting us a whole lot of “nowhere,” and not enough resolutions helping us live at peace with ourselves and others. So what if we refined the resolutions this year? Instead of creating lofty goals that make us feel like we have to continually pursue more; what if we resolved to live in peace and mindful with every step, every choice, and every action we make? How about if we resolve that if each step, action, and choice doesn’t cultivate inner peace and harmony – then we don’t do it?

Now that’s a resolution I can get behind! Resolving to simply live at peace, resolving to feel resolved if you will.

Won’t you join me this year, in cultivating that peace and harmony we all so desperately crave?

Be Well & Happy New Year,