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Our mission is to help individuals cultivate healthy mind, body, and soul connections through faith in efforts to create healthy and whole communities.


PositionFounder + Therapist + Yoga Instructor
Experience3 years
Founder and Director of Made Well Center for Wholeness MSW, LCSW, RYFT200, RYT200 Please, call me Buffy. I’m a 90’s rap guru, a yogi-buff, therapist, an aspiring gardener, people lover, an outdoor enthusiast, and an avid traveller. My greatest desire, however, is to see people live their lives in freedom and in wholeness. My journey to whole-hearted and well-balanced living began in college, but I didn’t know it. My soul was longing for “well.” To be well, to live well, to embrace just how well I was created, and embrace how well others were created. I began going on missions trips. This was the peak of interest. Seeing how people of other cultures and background interact and live, and how to create happy and sustainable lives for themselves. After going on multiple missions trips, and working for a ministry in college called Collide, I moved to Wilmington, NC to start my “new life.” This new life was a big mystery to me. I was struggling in Wilmington to make ends meet. I worked for multiple agencies in town who were all giving back to the community, I worked at a BBQ restaurant, and I nannied full time. Talk about burnout. This led to that ever important question, “What else is there? There’s got to be more to life than this.” This question led to countless hours in prayer, countless hours of preparation, and countless hours of research to determine what “else” there was. One thing led to another, and I ended up living in California for 2.5 months working with refugees prior to attending graduate school to get my Masters in Social Work. Social work seemed natural to me, especially after reading Isaiah 58 and truly understanding God’s call on my life. After multiple years of field experience, and seeing the lack of wholeness within my community, this led to the development of The Made Well Center for Wholeness, and my desire to see people live from a whole-hearted perspective.
My skill
Yoga 50%
Therapist 50%
Living Genuinely 100%
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I always strive to make every yoga class offered Christ centered, allowing room for our bodies to move and the Holy Spirit to lead. I seek to meet my students where they are, and love finding the balance between strong and graceful. Yoga is more than just asana (postures/poses), and I strive to make every class feel this way.

  • Yoga is a discipline
  • Yoga is fitness
  • Yoga is meditation
  • Yoga can be worship when allowed
  • Yoga seeks to find balance

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