Workshops & Retreats

Workshops and Trainings

We offer workshops throughout the year on various topics. Some workshops (or trainings) will be fun creative outlets, and some will be continuing education courses for other Mental Health Professionals in the community. Please check the community events calendar below for how to reserve your spot in each workshop/training!


    Retreats are a great way to create time and space for yourself to “reset.” Retreats are offered at an all-inclusive price that allows you to simply show up, and enjoy restoration for the mind, body, and soul. Retreats will also be posted on community events calendar, along with Facebook and Instagram announcements – so be sure to follow!

    Next Retreat: REVIVE October 23-25th (Black Mountain, NC)

    Support Groups

    Have you noticed a trend of individuals who are under-served or who would benefit from having a support group around them to rally their way to a healthier and freer life?

    We would LOVE to help get those support groups up and rolling as a way to promote healthy relationships within our community. We are made for community, and made for togetherness – let us help you create that environment.

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    Made Well Center for Wholeness

    The Made Well Center for Wholeness in Wilmington, NC helps bridge the gaps between health and despair. This is a wellness center that gives back. By coming to receive counseling/treatment here, you support the healing process for someone who may not normally be able to afford such luxuries.

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