I had never done a private yoga session before, but I had pulled a muscle in my back and couldn’t do everything that happens in a yoga class so I asked Buffy if she could help me in a private yoga session. We talked about what I could and couldn’t do with my back and the types of pain I had been having before hand and when I showed up she had a plan of things that would help stretch and strengthen my back muscles. She prayed for me before we started which surprised me, even though I know Buffy, because I was in “workout mode” and I can forget about God when I’m in workout mode. We had an amazing session that had me stretching my back in ways that I couldn’t for 4 weeks before this (with Buffy giving assists throughout), and she taught me all sorts of back and core exercises to use in the future! We finished with an altered Savasana for my back and then I was again surprised when Buffy prayed for me again! It was so wonderful to start and end a yoga session asking God to heal my back and bring me back to center with Him. The Lord is truly using Buffy to bring healing to many in mind and body. I am so thankful to have had this yoga session as my back made a swift recovery after it!

-Sam, Campus Ministry Pastor and Worship Leader

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