The Story

Why the Made Well Center was formed.

Building a wellness center in Wilmington, NC where no part of the person is forgotten.

The Made Well Center for Wholeness is building to become a wellness center in Wilmington, NC that helps bridge the gaps between health and despair. This is a wellness center that gives back. By coming to receive counseling/treatment here you are support the healing process for someone who may not normally be able to afford such luxuries.

We exist to see individuals thrive by offering a holistic approach to health and healing. We believe you were made well, and we want to walk this wellness journey with you.

The Made Well Center for Wholeness wants to help individuals develop coping skills, insight, strength, systems, and awareness of mind and body to increase positive sense of well-being. We exist to be accommodating when possible, affordable, and available for anyone who needs it.

Developing healthy mind, body, spirit connections shouldn’t be out of reach because it’s out of budget. It also shouldn’t be out of reach because the people involved don’t genuinely care about the person being connected with wholeness. Join us to alleviate suffering and live in the freedom with which we’ve been called, one individual at a time. #GetWellGiveWell

“Your faith has made you well. Go in peace, your suffering is over.”

– Mark 5:34

Buffy, the Founder of the Made Well Center, has worked many years in crisis management services. She saw the desperate need for people to build better mind/body/spirit connections in order to prevent crisis, enhance emotional stability, establish healthy identity and build better relationships.

Our society tells us we treat our mind with a therapist, treat our body with a doctor, and treat our spirit with a preacher or guru. The truth is – our mind, body, and spirit are not void of one another. Each impacts, and effects the other constantly – which is why it’s so important to be able to receive services for all under one roof.

Skills you’ll gain working w/ us:

  • Healthy Emotional Regulation
  • Understanding Trauma Triggers
  • Increased coping skills for managing anxiety & depression
  • Increased Insight into behavioral patterns
  • Increased mindful awareness
  • Parenting Skills & Strategies
  • Enhanced personal & interpersonal boundaries
  • Enhanced effective communication skills
  • Gaining control over thought patterns
  • Improved Self-esteem
  • Maintaining & Deepening Relationship

Made Well: Mind

The health of our minds plays a huge role in keeping us focused and motivated towards maintaining complete wholeness.


Made Well: Body

Our bodies keep our mind and spirits healthy as well. Join us in learning about the balance of body to maintain wholeness.

Made Well: Spirit

Spiritual wellness impacts the way we live in obedience to what we are called to do. Spiritual wellness is one part of complete wholeness.