…because we were Made. Well.

I’m sure some of you are wondering – from where did this Made Well Center for Wholeness blossom? I’ve honestly been wondering that a bit myself lately, and all I can give by way of solid answer is that it started as a seed in my heart many years ago. I just didn’t recognize the seed, and didn’t know what type of food or water it needed to grow.

Over the course of the last two years I have been working in a crisis management line of social work. Going into the homes of people and individuals helping manage severe mental health and behavioral health crisis. This is not exactly the line of work that reduces anxiety levels. However, it is the line of work that has taught me exactly WHY living in who we were made to be at a much earlier date in life is SO important.

Our brains are naturally wired for choosing the less healthy path. We are born into environments that aren’t perfect, we live with people that aren’t perfect, and we interact with imperfect people on a daily basis. Our brains have to work really hard to maintain homeostasis and keep on with positive psychology. I heard it mentioned the other day that our brains are like velcro for negative thought patterns, and they are like teflon for positive ones, and it’s SO true!

In seeking my own healthy path, and way of life I was reading scripture one day and happened upon a really AMAZING story in Mark chapter 5. In short – this is the story of the woman who had been bleeding (menstrually) for 12+ years. It was incessant, a never ending flow. All she wanted was for it to stop. Well one day, as the divine would have it, Jesus was walking through town and there was a large crowd gathered. This woman thought to herself, “If I could just touch the cloak he’s wearing, I know I will be healed.” So – that’s what she did. She approached Jesus. She touched him! She sought him out, and she touched him! And would you believe what happened after that? Jesus felt the power leave from him, and asked “Who touched my robe?” Then the woman was fearful and shared what she had done, and you know how Jesus responded? He told her, “Daughter, your FAITH has made you well. Go in PEACE. Your SUFFERING is OVER!” 

I don’t know about you – but when I read that, it gives me the chills. Jesus is telling us that we can live in peace and not live in our suffering any longer. Why?  – Through our faith. Through our faith in Jesus foremost, but also when we live in the faith of our work, and the faith of our diligence, and the faith of our community support, and we live in the faith of who we are made to be (not discrediting the tremendous amount of glory we’ve already received). Then our suffering does not have to be.

We were made well. It is time we rally together to live in freedom. Freedom from the bondage of anxiety, bondage of depression, bondage of eating disorders, the bondage of other mental health disorders, and the bondage of sickness and fear. Freedom to live in the beautiful creations we were meant to be, and freedom to live in the truth that is meant to surround our lives.

This is why The Made Well Center for Wholeness was birthed. The Made Well Center for Wholeness is here to help individuals create healthier mind, body, and spirit connections through faith to build stronger communities. We are rallying together to create a space for freedom, to create a space of wholeness. We want to work together WITH you, and WITH the community to establish wholeness in mind, wholeness in body, and wholeness in spirit.

Won’t you join me in the journey?

Be Well,
Buffy (Founder)