With the Holidays *JUST* around the corner, I know many of you may be struggling to find that special something for all the special people in your lives. Going to the store can be overwhelming, and fighting the lines/traffic can be down right anxiety-producing. So why not give your loved ones all the best gifts, directly from the comfort of your own couch.

Below is our HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE. Sure to leave you and your loved ones feeling cared for well beyond the Christmas Season.

#1 – Give the Gift of the HOLIDAY GLOW:

We are a generation hell-bent on having that glowing, youthful, healthy skin, but we don’t even recognize just how many harmful things we are putting on our skin on a daily basis. What goes ON our skin, is JUST AS important as what we put IN our bodies. So give the gift of some healthy Beauty Counter (click here) products this Holiday Season. They’ve got everything from cleansers, to face oils, masks, makeup, sunscreens, baby washes, etc. Encourage your loved ones to make the clean swap this holiday.

#2 – Give the Gift of CLEAN:

For all those moms in your life, that are trying to do the “clean swap” thing – SQUEAK is a great place to start! They have household cleaning products so safe you could eat them (which is also helpful for all those mommas with babies out there! – no need to call poison control here!) SQUEAK is a locally based (Wilmington, NC) company serving those with all their cleaning needs.

#3 – Give the Gift of COFFEE:

Everyone loves a good cup of JOE. Who doesn’t? Casablanca Coffee Roasters is a great way to spread that Holiday warmth not just as Christmas time, but for many seasons to come. Casablanca Coffee Roasters is another great, locally sourced Christmas gift sure to warm your spirits, and those of the people you love.

#4 – Give the Gift of HEALTH:

Health, whether mentally or physically, sometimes is difficult to come by unless it is something ENCOURAGED by those around us. Sometimes we need that extra little incentive to begin our journey to wellness. Maybe you know have a few counseling sessions scheduled would benefit someone close to you (helloooo online-therapy). Or maybe you know of someone you might be interested in working out/getting in shape but does not like the big-gym setting. Private yoga, personal training, or group yoga classes could be a GREAT way to get them started. Another great avenue for health this Holiday is by purchasing a few sessions for integrative health coaching. My sweet new friend, Maribeth, is a wonderful health coach over at White Pond Wellness, and would LOVE to work with you!

#5 – Give the Gift of ADVENTURE:

Last but not least – Everyone loves a good adventure, and we’ve got some GREAT options for you! Purchasing a spot on the REVIVE: Women’s Wellness Retreat would be great for that woman in your life that needs a getaway. OR you could send your loved ones some amazing swag from Outdoor Equipped in downtown Wilmington, NC. They’ve got all the outdoor gear you could need, and they are located down near the water.  Another great way to give adventure is by hooking up your loved one with a really cool AIRBNB gift card. Allowing them to travel and see the world, no better way to adventure, am I right?!

Give your loved ones something they can cherish for a lifetime, not just until it becomes too small or out of style. Give them gifts that create memories, encourage fondness, and promote sustainability well past the Christmas Season.

Be Well Friends,