With the new year all abuzz, and people making goals/resolutions left and right; I feel it’s important for us to be accurate in the discovery of what we might actually need this upcoming year. New Year’s resolutions are great, but only if they aren’t in order to keep up with a neighbor, and only if they are what you actually need.

It can be really easy for us to look at what everyone else is doing, and try to create goals based on the opinions and feelings, and even needs, of others. However, if we do that, we end up forfeiting our ability to live authentically and confidently within ourselves. We will also end up feeling frustrated with ourselves when we don’t see the results we want because someone else is maybe obtaining different results that what we’re seeing.

Something often forgotten when creating new year’s goals, or goals in general, is that our baseline is different than everyone else’s. Our capacities sit differently than other’s do, and our ability to carry it out might look different than someone else. So in order for us to achieve the real change we want to see, and in order for us to sustainably make differences for ourselves – we have to stop living in other people’s lanes!

For instance, if you’re wanting to read more books this year, that’s fantastic! But don’t look at your friend, Shelly, who read 50 books last year, and is challenging herself to read 75 this year. Especially don’t look to Shelly if your baseline of books read for last year was only 3. Jumping from 3 to 50 or 75 could be an amazing goal if you’re an all or nothing type of person (know thyself), but it could also be extremely defeating and leave you feeling frustrated.

Let’s say you have a goal of losing weight, or hitting the gym more, etc. Again- if you’re looking to Frank and seeing that Frank has an easier time losing weight, or he already was super consistent in hitting the gym, then Frank is not going to be your baseline to look at. Frank does not need to be the man you compare to, especially if you’re a woman, or especially if you again haven’t been to the gym in AGES!

The whole point of creating goals is to better YOURSELF. Not to better yourself based on where someone else is starting. There are a few ways we can work towards actually accomplishing our goals. Follow the methods/steps below in order to feel accomplished this year:

  1. Start with where you’re at. – Know thyself. Take and inventory of your baselines, and get really honest with where you are.
  2. Don’t make assumptions about your health. Especially if this is one of your goals for 2022, again know thyself. Go get blood work done, or the stool sample (hello Carrie!)keep a log for about 2 weeks of daily habits/health routines.
  3. Build from there. Once you have an idea of legitimately where you are, THEN you can start creating goals that are suitable for that baseline.
  4. Make your goals SMART (Specific. Measurable. Achievable. Relevant. Time sensitive)
    1. Example of a poorly written goal: I am going to get healthy this year.
    2. Example of a SMART goal: I am going to work on my gut health this year. I am going to get a stool sample done, build awareness around where my gut bacteria/health is, and then I am going to schedule an initial health assessment with Carrie. I will then schedule bi-weekly appointments to check in about my gut, and keep these appointments going for at least 3 months. (The goal is relevant because maybe you’ve suffered from IBS, or chronic gut pain, or maybe you just feel lethargic and know your nutrition is off).
  5. Stay in your lane. REMEMBER – your goal is YOUR GOAL. Not someone else’s goal. When the urge to compare strikes you, be sure to redirect your gaze back to where your own two feet are- in your lane.
  6. Rinse, and Repeat. Take the time to re-evaluate your goals as you complete then, and re-assess your needs every so often.

So this year, take the time for first Know Thyself. Then allow yourself permission to create healthy choices according to the facts.

Take Care. & Be Well.